WWE Smackdown Results & Highlights [Nov 14, 2017]

Smackdown Results [14 Nov]
Credit :- WWE
Welcome to WWE Zone, here are the Smackdown Live results(Nov 14, 2017). Tonight Smackdown was the go home show for Survivor Series. Tonight episode was featuring with Charlotte vs. Natalya for Smackdown Women's championship. Also, some great matches took place, So, let's take a look...

Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara [United States Championship]
Winner:- Baron Corbin retains...
This championship match wasn't too long. Cara was fighting out across the ring. But at the end, Cara was on top tope for Swanton bomb but Corbin countered and hit End of Days to retain his title.

Natalya vs. Charlotte Flair [Smackdown Women’s Championship]
Winner:- and the new champion Charlotte!!
This match was a great one tonight. Finally, Charlotte gets championship match after so long time since Hell in a Cell. In beginning, Natalya was trying to escape but Charlotte didn't let that happen. 
Natalya locked Charlotte into Sharpshooter, but Charlotte saved herself by successfully grabbing the bottom rope. Charlotte then shoved Natalya outside the ring. Natalya gets back inside. Charlotte welcome her with a big boot and connected her with Figure Four and won the match via submission.

After the match, Charlotte's father and WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair came to congratulate her daughter for the epic win.

We will see Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte at Survivor Series.

Chad Gable vs. Jimmy Uso
Winner:- Jimmy Uso
During the match, Jey attacked Benjamin which distracted Gable. And, Jimmy hit superkick to Gable and won the match.

The New Day vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn
Winner:- No Contest
This match didn't end. Because during the match, The Shield came on the Smackdown Live to attack The New Day. The Shield surrounded the ring, Owens and Zayn escaped the ring. Then all the Smackdown roster and Raw roster superstars came brawled in the ring. 
Also, Raw Women's Team came to the backstage locker room and attacked Smackdown Women's team.
We also see Kurt Angle on the stage, he came with Braun Strowman, who cleared Smackdown roster from the ring. The Shield hit Shield bomb to Shane McMahon and humiliated inside the ring.  
Then, Kurt Angle came in the ring and hit Angle Slam!! to Shane McMahon. The Shield again hit Shield Bomb to Shane. Kurt was smiling and bailed with Raw superstars. And, show comes to end.

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