WWE Raw Results & Highlights [Sept 18, 2017]

Alexa bliss Bayley and Sasha Banks
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Welcome to WWE Zone, here the raw episode of tonight's episode. Tonight Raw was featuring with Nia Jax vs. Alexa Bliss(Non-title match). Also, had some great matches, and we saw Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman interview. So, let's take a look...

Jason Jordan defends his father against The Miz
Highlight: -Jason Jordan kicked off the show and was talking about the upcoming PPV "No Mercy" match card. 
Miz interrupted Angle and came in the ring along with Miztourage. Maryse was not present because due to her pregnancy. Angle congratulate him for becoming a father. But, Miz was talking respectfully. 
Angle announced a fatal-4 way match to determine the Miz's opponent for I.C championship at No Mercy. Angle name the participants are Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Elias Samson and Jason Jordan. But, Miz wanted Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas for a title shot.
Miz said that Angle that he put his son in a fatal-4 way match because he missed his 28 years of his son's life. Now, he wants to make up with him.
Jason Jordan came in the ring with an angry face. Jordan shuts Miz up and suggested Angle add Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas on the match card. Angle then change fatal-4 way match to 6-pack challenge. Miz said more people give him less of a chance of winning. Suddenly, Jordan attacked him down. Miztourage teamed up on Jordan but Jordan countered and get them out of the ring. 

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax
Winner: -Nia Jax
Highlight: -Jax was looking scared of Nia Jax. She was getting behind the ropes. Jax was trying to pull her back but Bliss slapped her and leaving the ring. But, Banks came from behind. Bliss then getting back in the ring, where Jax put her down. 
At the end, Bliss jumped from the top rope to Jax but Jax caught her in the air and hit Samoan Drop to get the pinfall and won the match.
After the match, Sasha Banks attacked Jax from behind but Jax slammed her down. And here comes the Bayley!! Bayley finally returns!! Bayley, Banks, and Bliss teamed up and tackle Jax down. Bayley and Banks were celebrating then Banks tried to celebrate with them. But, Banks attacked and Bayley with Belly-to-Bayley on Bliss.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins vs. Sheamus and Cesaro vs. Gallows and Anderson
Winner: - Sheamus and Cesaro
Highlight: -Cesaro and Sheamus chose a smart strategy to win this match. Ambrose and Rollins cleaning everyone from the ring. At the end, Rollins dived outside the ring and took everyone down. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to Anderson but at the time of pinfall, Sheamus came inside the ring and threw Ambrose outside the ring and get the pinfall over Anderson and won the match.

Apollo Crews vs. Curt Hawkins

Winner: -Apollo Crews
Highlight: -Before the match, Hawkins said that his 114 matches losing streak ends tonight. He was waiting for his opponent to beat and end the streak. Apollo Crews came in the ring then. 
This match was not too long. They both trying their smart moves but at the end, Hawkins rolled him for near fall. Crews kicked him and connected for spinning sit-up powerbomb and won the match via pinfall.

Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman interview

Bray Wyatt vs. Dustin Rhodes
Winner: -Bray Wyatt
Highlight: -This match was also not too long. Dustin Rhodes tried what he can do but at the end, Wyatt captured him for Sister Abigail and won the match.

Neville vs. Gran Metalik
Winner: -Neville via submission
Highlight: -Metalik used his impressive move on Neville. At the end, Metalik hit springboard dropkick and summersault senton to Neville. Metalik with rope walk splash for near fall. Metalik again going to hit moonsault but Neville kicked him in mid air. Neville then connected him with Ring of Saturn and Metalik tapped out.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Elias Samson vs. Jason Jordan vs. Curtis Axel vs. Bo Dallas [6 pack challenge for #1 contender for I.C Championship]
Winner: -Jason Jordan
Highlight: - The Hardy Boyz took Elias Samson down. Axel and Dallas get Jeff and Matt out of the ring. Jordan hit belly-to-belly overhead suplex to Axel and connected with Suplex bridge, Dallas broke the pinfall attempt and threw Jordan out of the ring. Miz sent Jordan into the barricade. 
Back in the ring, Jeff hit swanton bomb but Miz broke the pinfall attempt. Jeff threw Miz outside the ring. Axel with facebuster from behind. Jordan with back suplex neckbreaker and won the match via pinfall.
After the match, Miz came to attack Jordan but Jordan ducked and hit couple of belly to belly overhead suplex. Miztourage then teamed up and attacked Jordan. Miz hit skull crushing finale to Jordan.

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