Paige talked about her WWE Return

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WWE Former Divas Champion Paige hasn't been appearing in WWE since June 2016.  According to Cagesideseats, Recently, on SiriusXM Rush's Busted Open Show, both Paige and Alberto El Patron were interviewed, where Paige gave an update about her neck surgery.

"I just had my CT scan today and I do my last checkup on Monday with my good friend and doctor, Dr. Uribe, in Arizona. Hopefully, I'll be back sooner rather than later but I don't know at this point, I don't know where it is. But I can't wait to get back to work. It's been since Oct. 19 that I had my surgery, so it's been a while. So I'm like 'just get me back, I want to be wrestling again.' It feels so weird not to be wrestling for so long. I got to travel a little bit with Alberto but it's not the same when you're not in the ring yourself. I'm excited to get back to WWE."

So, she is excited to get back to WWE. This is a big indication that  Paige will return to the ring soon. Last month Paige and Alberto El Patron had some incident at the airport in Orlando. So, they cleared all the issue in this interview. Here is the Paige talked about on Airport incident that:

"We argued like a normal couple would. Like literally, we see this every other week, if we go to dinner and stuff like that...couples arguing. Because you are in the public eye and you are looked under a microscope, the media just made a massacre of us."

Currently, there are many wrestlers in WWE Women's division. And Paige is excited to meet them. Paige said about it in the interview that:

"I'm excited to see the girls again, all the female athletes that have all been texting me. I'm just really, really happy and I'm excited to see people, I'm excited to see the fans again, I'm just excited to be in the ring. ... I'm excited to see Alexa Bliss, I hope to see Nikki Bella back soon, all the new girls, Nia Jax, Carmella... just to see all the new girls. Bayley, I'm so happy she's doing so well. The same girls, Becky, Sasha, Charlotte, Nattie, everyone, I'm just so excited to see them all. Naomi, I'm so happy she's champ right now and I'm really excited for her."

We would love to Paige back in the ring. Keep in touch with WWE Zone, we'll update more information about it.

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