John Cena's Summerslam Opponent

As we know that this week on Smackdown Live Shinsuke Nakamura defeated John Cena in #1 contender match which was a shocking moment for some of the fans. Now, we know that Jinder Mahal will defend his title at Summerslam against Nakamura. But who is John Cena's Summerslam Opponent?

Summerslam 2017 is only 3 weeks away and mostly match card has been confirmed. But now the question is whose name will be on John Cena Summerslam match card from the Smackdown locker room?

Baron Corbin! Yes, most probably Baron Corbin. In this week after Shinsuke Nakamura vs. John Cena match on Smackdown, Baron Corbin attacked Shinsuke Nakamura from behind with his MITB briefcase. Then John Cena saved Nakamura and hit AA(Attitude Adjustment) to Baron Corbin through announce table.

Baron Corbin is the only perfect option for Cena's opponent at Summerslam 2017. There is more chance that next week on Smackdown Live this will be confirmed. Maybe, Corbin and Cena's feud took once again next week and one of them will challenge for Summerslam.

And, one more thing, after Summerslam Cena will definitely going to switch from Smackdown to Raw. Because Cena is "free agent" and he also officially advertised for Raw's upcoming PPV No Mercy 2017(Sept 24). 

After Nakamura vs. Cena match this week, Cena truly showed his sportsmanship by raising Nakamura's hand up and congratulated him. This is the reason that's why he is "16-time champion "John Cena. After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura thanked John Cena on twitter. Here is Nakamura's tweet:

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